Phytocultures Tissue Culture - Potatoes, Orchids and Other Plants Phytocultures Tissue Culture - Potatoes, Orchids and Other Plants Phytocultures Tissue Culture - Potatoes, Orchids and Other Plants
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Are you looking for an easy, fast and cost-effective way to propagate plants?
Try our Phytokit™, a plant tissue culture kit suitable for propagation of plant species as diverse as potatoes, African violets, strawberries, sugar cane, blueberries and bananas. Our kits come fully supplied with equipment and a training manual to do your own propagation. If you need assistance, we offer training, consulting and propagation services.

To help you get started, our website offers a wealth of 'how to' information on tissue culture.
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Haskap  Lonicera caeruleaHaskap Lonicera caerulea
HASKAP , HASKAP, HASKAP the" BLUE-RRR BERRY" has made it's way to Eastern Canada. Lonicera caerulea the edible honeysuckle is also know as Blue Honeysuckle, Honeyberry, Swamp Honeysuckle and HASKAP.

Discover an experimental stunning berry taste sensation with these beautiful Haskap berries! Haskap berries have a kiwi like texture with a juicy blend of blueberry and raspberry flavours. This superior berry presents a most unique taste experience.

An exciting new development has taken place in the rapidly expanding fresh and processed berry field. Haskap berries, a tamed wild berry species native to boreal regions is now available for commercial development.

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Phytocultures – Potatoes, Orchids and Other Plants – Tissue Culture
Phytocultures has a germplasm bank with many varieties of potatoes, blueberries, cranberries, sweet potatoes, strawberries, orchids and other ornamental plants.