Phytocultures Ltd.
Phytocultures Ltd.
For nearly 30 years Phytocultures has helped innovate and expand business opportunities in horticulture. Whether through custom propagation using advanced tissue culture systems, the development of distinct quality varieties of Haskap and potatoes for optimal production, or by helping clients around the world establish their own propagation businesses, we help companies grow and succeed.
Phytocultures Haskap Berries
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HASKAP: The Blue-rrr Berry
As a leader specializing in the genetics and propagation of this exciting new berry, our evolving research and procedures have developed and expanded new varieties, refined production, and improved harvest technology. We have the information and inventory to meet all of your Haskap growing needs.
Phytocultures Plant Tissue Culture
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Plant Tissue Culture
Phytocultures is a recognized leader in custom plant propagation using an in-house developed in vitro tissue culture system. Our experienced team offers training, consulting and propagation services to help you on your way to success. Suitable for the propagation of diverse plant species at any scale, our Phytokit™ system comes fully supplied with equipment and a training manual to do your own propagation.
Phytocultures Potato Genetics
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Commercial Potato Genetics
Our distinct varieties are carefully selected to meet Phytocultures’ intersecting values of taste, production, and uniqueness. Rooted in regionally focused research, development, and experience, these exotic potatoes are not only suited to meet the advanced needs of today’s growers, but also cater to evolving consumer tastes for unique, healthy, natural foods.